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A New Era Opening New Possibilities

”While the first months of the COVID-19 crisis were marked by fear and uncertainty, one thing was crystal clear: the organizations equipped to navigate the crisis best are the ones most able to adapt. Davis Smith, founder and CEO of Utah-based outdoor gear brand Cotopaxi, saw the crisis impacting his business, his first response was fear.

Smith crowdsourced ideas from his entire team about how Cotopaxi could innovate during the crisis. The results were empathetic and effective—and provide a blueprint for businesses to weather this storm.

Leverage partners

By reaching out and partnering with others in your industry, you may find a new revenue stream that helps solve another company’s problem.

Serve the greater good

Customers will remember how leaders and companies acted during this time. The leaders who use their resources to help others will likely gain in the long-run as buyers look to support companies that serve their communities.

Go virtual

COVID-19 is creating a massive acceleration to digital platforms that can’t be ignored. If your business sells goods, scale up your online offerings. Service companies should brainstorm ways to deliver value through virtual sessions, consultations and webinars. The companies that thrive in a crisis are the ones that can learn and adapt fast—push your team to create and share ideas that will drive your online engagement because that is where your customers are today

Create a shared purpose

In the face of rapid change and unprecedented upheaval, one would expect any given business’ employees to be tired, frustrated and scared —the Cotopaxi team is banding together against a challenge and in pursuit of a clearly defined mission. Businesses in every industry are facing challenges. The ones that come out ahead are those that are focused on helping others, learning quickly, and leading their teams to rise to the occasion.”

We at Innovation Kitchen NG believe in these principles and it’s exactly what we are set up to encourage and provide help for at this time.

You need partners to help you serve the greater good by pivoting and adapting yourself business or organization, leveraging technology for our common good, growth and development not just to survive but thrive in this post Covid 19 world.

This is our invitation to you but we understand it’s not for everyone but if it’s you then please go through this write up to find where you fit.

Looking forward to working with you and making an impact through innovation. Then write your own story! Kindly reach out to us today if you are interested to be part of this unique opportunity and time

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Francis Madojemu

Founder Innovation Kitchen NG

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Find Davis Smith article here - This CEO Demonstrated How Any Businesses Can Adapt to COVID-19 - Here Is The Blueprint


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