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Best founders are co-founders - Post

July 27, 2015

The single best resource you as a founder can – and really really should – look for, is a co-founder. 1) Solopreneurs have the least success rates of all founders 2) A stellar business focused generalist will always be at best a mediocre product creator 3) The most talented developer is probably the least likely CEO It takes teamwork to make a dream work ;) The best founders are co-founders Here is the rational behind a founders team versus a solopreneur:

  1. TIMING While the engineer creates the product the business person prepares the market. If you do both at the same time it takes twice as much

  2. SOCIAL SKILLS One reason for solopreneurs to stay alone is that they cannot attract a co-founders. If one cannot attract partners in the company, they mot likely can’t attract business partners, customers, top employees…. definitely is not attracting investors.

  3. SHARING ATTITUDE Another reason to stay alone is that people don’t want to share the success with others. Also this is an attitude that is scary for investors and questionable in itself. It maybe better to stay alone but also without investors.

  4. 1+1 MIND = MORE THAN 2 MINDS Having two powerful and complementary entrepreneurs work together is more than double the brainpower. The evolution of joint thoughts brings an unprecedented wealth of optimization and improvements.

  5. HIRED MANAGERS Hiring a co-founder equivalents is absolutely not an option. In case things go wrong, the employee may quite start his or her own business and create a powerful founders team. The original founder would have no chance.

All that said, solopreneurs have the hardest time to get funding. In the past 50 years no solopreneur made it all the way to the top. Our globally interconnected business world has grown too complex for a single person to successfully conquer it. And even if one person would be able to do that, a competitor with three top notch founders will always outperform a single founder.

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