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Calling All Education Entrepreneurs!__The need to #Innovate and #Reimagine - Strive Masiyiwa

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Calling All Education Entrepreneurs!

__The need to #Innovate and #Reimagine has never been higher.

In my comments after last week’s post, I introduced you to two types of entrepreneurs that Africa desperately needs: #1) Food Entrepreneurs and #2) Mineral Entrepreneurs. Now I want to add a third: Education Entrepreneurs.

Take a look at these opportunities to reach out and meet human needs:

#1. Africa needs to educate over 750m people that are under the age of 20. Think about it!

#2. Africa needs to educate over 400m adults who cannot read or write. Think about it!

#3. Africa needs to create skills development opportunities for over 750m young people so they can be employable, especially with 4IR skills and related “soft” skills needed in the new 4IR technology-led economies, to ensure more inclusive prosperity. And of course they also need training in financial literacy, business and entrepreneurship, too. Think about it!

#4. Africa needs to update the skills of more than 500m people so that they can earn better incomes. Think about it!

An Education Entrepreneur does not see problems, but opportunities! An Education Entrepreneur knows how to start small. If you are a teacher, for example, you can start an Online class for free so that you can develop your digital skills. Think about it!

I get so excited when I see Education Entrepreneurs who are using Sasai Watch and Sasai Podcast to post lessons for a broader student base.

Let’s #ReImagine Education through entrepreneurship!

Why can’t more teachers offer tutorials using online platform like Sasai Watch and Sasai Podcast? It does not cost anything except time, and passion.

If I were a High School teacher, I would post tutorials on difficult issues that my students struggle with. Just imagine what could happen!!!

What an opportunity for someone who sees themselves as an EducationEntrepreneur!

You have heard my challenges to you here before: Can you #Innovate in the digital age? Can you make money through #Innovation?

I have two billionaire friends who each started their careers as school teachers. Do you know who they are?

There is a saying in my language which literally means: “The best opportunities fall to those who don’t know how to take advantage of them.”

Students, parents, schools, teachers and policymakers across the world are facing extraordinary education crises because of COVID school closures and disruptions that impacted an estimated 1,6bn learners in 199 countries...

An education challenge of this scale and complexity has never happened before!

Will it be Africa who leads the way in #Education #Innovations at this unprecedented time?

Soon we will know (but we don't yet) who will be the first mover and who will be the fast followers (and the slow followers, too). Maybe it will be one or more of you here.

There's no time to waste to get things back on track, then better than than ever before... The clock for our students (of all ages) is ticking.

Let's talk.


Strive Masiyiwa

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